Evo Terra
Curator of The End
November 1, 2023

Now that I have an actual database, I’m able to do some fun things that may be worthy of an article of interest to people like me (and you, I hope!) who prefer to “binge” or “mainline” their audio fiction. This is my first attempt at that. My hope is that a) there will be more, and b) these data-driven posts will add the conversation and be of value to listeners and creators of audio fiction alike.

Using the data I have—which is almost exclusively based off of submissions from fiction podcast creators—I see that a total of 20 shows posted either a season finale or the series conclusion sometime in October. Now, compare that to the 127 shows that started posting episodes in October, as compiled by The Cambrige Geek

Why the discrepancy between starts and finishes? My money is on one simple thing, and it’s the simple thing that led me to create The End in the first place—starting a fiction podcast is relatively simple compared to finishing one. Podfading is real, and though I don’t have the data to back this up, it seems logical that it’s even more prevalent when it comes to making audio drama. Because even though I am not an audio fiction creator, I do know that that shit is hard. Like, really hard.

So I want to start by saying congrats to the creators who reached a season finale or the series conclusion last month. You hit a milestone that, if the data here is to be considered representative, most do not. My hat’s off to you.

Now, for fans of audio fiction like me, let’s get into the cream of the crop, shall we? And I'm not going to write this like a recipe post. I'm just going to give you the pertinent info. You decide what to investigate further. Click on the title/image for more info. Or you can visit the show's official website or play a trailer. That's enough to get your started, I reckon. Oh, and I present these in no particular order. I enjoyed each of them immensely.

Evo's Picks for the Best Fiction Podcasts Completed in October 2023

That’s the list! I’m considering doing one of these each month, and then probably an annual “best of” posts. 

Got a favorite audio fiction show—either a fiction podcast, an audiodrama, an audiobook, or something else—that I should know about? Search for it on the site first (I might already have it in the queue), and, if it’s not there, tell me about it using the simple 2-minute submission form. My goal is to showcase as much completed audio fiction as I can, and to feature the best of the best!

Thanks for reading. See you next month. Or next week, if you’re subscribed to the newsletter. Because you are subscribed to the newsletter, right? RIGHT?!