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8 Finished Audio Fiction Stories For You!

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It's another short issue this week, so I'm using this preamble section to bring two quick things to your attention:

First, let's talk about my Featured Audio Fiction selections below. While I am a picky listener, I have all sorts of reasons to choose titles that go in here. Not all of them are perfect. Some of their imperfections may be more of an issue to you than to me. And that's cool. The one thing all of these shows have in common—I enjoyed them. As I say below, YMMV.

Next, I remind you that very affordable options to support The End are available to readers just like you. While I do run this newsletter as a labor of love, the global recession has, in the last few weeks, significantly impacted my livelihood. I'm not in danger of sleeping on the streets anytime soon, but I am forced to spend more time on revenue-generating projects to claw back some of the losses. End of sob story, as things are tough all over.

Let's get into this week's shows, shall we?

- Evo

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These shows have reached the end of a season, but more seasons are in the works.

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